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about the course

Part One: Clarity, Consciousness, Connection


The wild and wonderful world of raising humans cannot start or end with one specific approach. There is no one solution to help us harness the joy of parenting or relieve the uncertainty, frustration, and guilt we can experience as mothers and caregivers. To start, there is so much out of our control: our child's temperament, our alignment with partners in our parenting approaches, and our own early childhood experiences that have shaped our understanding of love, acceptance, and commitment. We find ourselves straddled between the role of raising our children while simultaneously feeling like imposters when we are often unsure of how to fully take care of even ourselves, let alone our favourite little humans. 

When looking for answers we are trained to focus on the external, the “how-to” solutions, and seek guidance and answers in the external world. Books line our shelves with “quick fixes” to everyday problems.  Rarely does the literature encourage us to look within: to sit with our uncertainties and to recognize what is actually blocking us from making lasting changes within ourselves and our relationships. Now we know: the first step toward building positive connection starts with self-acceptance.


In Part One of our series, we are starting with you. You the individual, you the parent. Our parenting approaches often mimic a blueprint of reactions and tactics that were created long ago (and which we have very little conscious awareness of), intermixed with theories and strategies we have cultivated from our professional lives. This series aims to marry these two worlds by first connecting us with our understanding of “how we came to be” as caregivers, to where we would like to go. We will learn how to connect to our childhood experiences to better understand our caregiving approach, what triggers our anger, frustration and anxiety as a caregiver, and how to better regulate ourselves so we can be more present for others. Strategies that work across all ages and stages will be introduced by leading researchers in their fields, while paying close attention to the inner struggles that prevent us from accessing these tools, especially at times of stress & conflict, or times when we aren't at our best. 


Future courses in the series will build on the foundation of self-awareness as parents we built in part one. We will focus on specific parenting challenges as children move through various ages and stages, and the parenting skills we need to manage these challenges. We will also touch on parenting children with ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety & depression, and more. 

We believe that before we build our skills, we must first better understand ourselves and how each of us may need to apply those skills in a unique way. With love and compassion for ourselves, we can be more present for others. And when we are present and show up for our children, true connection is formed and true joy in parenting is found. 

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about  the course developers


Dr. Linsday Borovay

 Founder and Director, Borovay Psychological Services

Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Mom of three 

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Dr. Setareh Ziai

Co-Founder, CWIM Gather


Mom of four

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Dr. Caitlin Schwartz

Co-Founder, CWIM Gather

Family Physician

Mom of three