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The wild and wonderful world of parenting is a journey that never ends. As parents, we are frequently confronted with new questions, issues, and curiosities. Each stage brings along its joys and frustrations. What we’ve learned here at CWIM Gather is that no matter what the challenge is, we always and inevitably learn better together. With that said, we are proud to present to our CWIM community the second course in our parenting series:


Part Two: Wisdom. Guidance. Empowerment.

In Part One of our series, Clarity. Consciousness. Connection., we focused on you, the parent, and how early childhood experiences could influence our parenting approaches. We also looked at different parenting styles and strategies that worked across all ages and stages. We heard from leading researchers in their fields, while paying close attention to the inner struggles that prevented us from accessing these tools, especially at times of stress, conflict, or times when we weren't at our best. 


In Part Two, we will be focusing on wisdom, guidance, and empowerment. Knowledge breeds understanding and understanding breeds wisdom. It is in our parenting wisdom where we can move closer to conscious parenting, being aware of the choices we make, and the impact our actions will have on our little (or not-so little) ones. Don’t worry if Part One passed you by. Our approach is designed to make our content useful and applicable to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their parenting skills while connecting with fellow women physicians. 


The format for Part Two will include an in-person retreat (yay! we’ve missed your seeing your smiling faces!) with a virtual option, followed by a virtual book club evening and two virtual weekend sessions.


This course is designed to increase our awareness and understanding of:

  • How our actions limit our ability to foster independence in our children... and what to do about it

  • How our parenting approaches may actually contribute to our children’s anxiety… and what to do about it

  • How technology infiltrates family and social dynamics in youth... and what to do about it

  • How executive functioning at its core, is central to how we govern ourselves and how we model/teach our little ones to govern themselves and the world around them. It is the basis for our self-, emotion-, behaviour-, and cognitive-regulation, as well as our children’s… and what to do about it

  • How emotional intelligence is a critical skill for our children....and what to do about it


This course pushes beyond theory and is focused on empowering you, as parents, with concrete strategies that can be implemented directly after each session. Our goal is to add to your parenting toolkit by developing a greater
understanding of childhood autonomy, emotional intelligence, anxiety, sleep, executive function, and technology. This will allow you to guide your children and empower them to become independent, responsible, courageous, thoughtful and loving individuals, no matter where they are in their stage of development.

We are coming at this course from the same perspective as our first, in that we believe that before we build skills, it is important to better understand ourselves, and know that each of us will apply these skills in a unique way. With love and compassion for ourselves, we can be more present for others. And when we are present and show up for our children, true connection is formed and true joy in parenting is found. A little added knowledge and parenting pearls can only add more flavour and spice to the parenting mix.

We invite you to explore the full course schedule here

Course Creators


Dr. Linsday Borovay

 Founder and Director, Borovay Psychological Services

Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Mom of three 

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Dr. Setareh Ziai

Co-Founder, CWIM Gather


Mom of four

caitlin headshot.jpg

Dr. Caitlin Schwartz

Co-Founder, CWIM Gather

Family Physician

Mom of three 

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