Alyson Schafer

BSc MA Counselling, family counsellor, parenting expert and the author of 3 best selling parenting books

Alyson is a family counsellor, parenting expert and the author of 3 best selling parenting books including “Breaking the Good Mom Myth” and “Honey, I Wrecked The Kids” with HarperCollinsCanada.  Here books have been translated into many languages and for 15 years she has been speaking on stages around the world about respectful parenting and positive discipline methods for raising happy, resilient, co-operative children.  

Alyson sees clients in her private practice, as well as hosting her own TV show “The Parenting Show” and hosting a podcast called “Parenting The Adlerian

Way” as well being a regular guest expert on many of Canada’s media outlets such as The Marilyn Denis Show, Global’s The Morning Show, CBC and more.


You can find Alyson on most social media channels as @alysonschafer and her website is full of resources at

“Breaking The Good Mom Myth”  How to overcome the plague of perfectionism, working mom guilt and reclaim work/life balance.

Saturday April 30 | 12pm - 1:45pm

Modern motherhood seems to be a sure formula for inducing guilt, anxiety, and often more misery than enjoyment.  And you know what the funny part is?  All our fussing is not even healthy for our children!  In this workshop, Alyson will have us laughing as we drop the old baggage,  learn new paradigms for evaluating how we are doing as moms, where our efforts should be focussed, and creating a work/life balance that ensures the best outcomes for every member of the family.  


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize unhelpful and inaccurate stereotype of being a “good mother”

  2. Identifying how parental over ambition invites under ambition in our children 

  3. Defining the difference between striving for superiority and striving for mastery

  4. Identifying why our children’s struggles, misbehaviours and performance don’t define us

  5. Distinguishing the difference between praise and encouragement 

  6. Assessing our parenting style and the 4 most important beliefs we need to foster in our children for best outcomes. 

  7. Customizing your own selfcare so you stop “shoulding” on yourself and get the respite you need.