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Ann Douglas

Author and a former parenting columnist for both CBC Radio and The Toronto Star.

Ann Douglas sparks conversations that matter about parenting and mental health. She is a bestselling parenting book author and a former parenting columnist for both CBC Radio and The Toronto Star. Ann is the creator of The Mother of All Book series and the author, most recently, of Happy Parents, Happy Kids and Parenting Through the Storm. A passionate and inspiring speaker, Ann delivers keynote addresses and leads small-group workshops at health, parenting, and education conferences across the country. These days, she is hard at work on a book for and about women at midlife. 

Post-Pandemic Parenting

Saturday March 5 | 12pm - 1:45pm

What will our lives be like once we begin to emerge from the pandemic? How can we support our children in preparing for that post-pandemic world? And how can we begin to process everything that our families and our communities have experienced during this strange and uncertain time? In this thought-provoking presentation, you'll be encouraged to reflect on your family's pandemic experience to acknowledge all the learning and growth that you have witnessed in yourself and your children over the past year-and-a-half. You'll also have an opportunity to consider your hopes and dreams for your family moving forward, and to zero in on parenting, strategies that can help you to achieve your big-picture parenting goals. This is your opportunity to dare to imagine life in a post-pandemic world for yourself, your family and your community

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:

•      Reconnect with the sense of meaning and purpose that encouraged them to become a parent in the first place

•      Reflect on their big-picture parenting goals: their hopes and dreams for themselves and their children

•      Craft a restorative narrative about their family’s pandemic experiences

•      See and celebrate their many strengths as a parent and consider how these strengths might continue to be a              resource moving forward