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Beyond "Lazy and Unmotivated" Why Understanding Executive Skills Helps Us Understand Kids and How to Help Them

Presented by Dr. Peg Dawson
Saturday, April 29, 2023 | 2:00pm - 3:45pm EST

When the conversation turns to executive skills, parents often say, “We didn’t know anything about these when we were growing up—and we turned out just fine.” In this presentation, Dr. Dawson confronts that sentiment head on. The co-author of Smart but Scattered and other books on executive skills explains the executive skills framework she’s been working with for over 30 years—why it’s a better way to describe struggling kids and teens than calling them lazy or unmotivated, and why the more people who work with kids and teens understand these skills, the better they’ll be able to help them strengthen these important habits of mind. She will paint a picture of the strategies she sees as holding the most promise for helping kids and teens develop, tune up, and master these critical life skills. 


Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the brain processes involved in executive skill development both in typically developing children and those with executive dysfunction (such as ADHD).

  2. Identify how executive skills impact school performance and daily living.

  3. Demonstrate three broad strategies to support children with weak executive skills. 

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