Dr. Shimi Kang

Award-winning psychiatrist, researcher, and expert on the neuroscience of innovation, leadership, and motivation

An award-winning psychiatrist, researcher, and expert on the neuroscience of innovation, leadership, and motivation, Dr. Shimi Kang provides science-based solutions for health, happiness, and achievement in the workplace, classroom, and at home. With 20 years of clinical experience and extensive research in the science that lies behind optimizing human intelligence, Dr. Kang provides practical tools to cultivate the key 21st century skills of resilience, connection, creativity, and more. She is a Clinical Associate Professor at UBC, the author of the #1 bestseller The Dolphin Parent and The Tech Solution. She is also the founder of Dolphin Kids: Future-Ready Leaders, CEO of Spark Mindset App, and host of the YouTube show, Mental Wealth with Dr. Shimi Kang.

The Science of Raising Healthy, Happy, Self-Motivated Kids

A presentation based on The Dolphin Parent book by Dr. Shimi Kang
Saturday February 12 | 2pm - 3:45pm EST

We are the most informed generation of parents that have ever walked the planet, yet we are raising children with rising rates of stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, addiction, obesity, and diabetes. We are facing the shocking reality that this is the first generation in human history that is predicted to not outlive the generation that came before them. 

In almost 20 years of working directly with countless children and families, Dr. Kang has witnessed firsthand how today’s modern lifestyle and parenting trends are seriously under-preparing them for real life by impeding their self-motivation, sense of identity & community, and their ability to adapt to our ever-changing world.


In this seminar, Dr. Kang will use irrefutable science and unforgettable stories from around the world to walk audiences through her three-part method for raising healthy, happy, self-motivated kids. Dr. Kang will show how pushing/hovering “tigers” and directionless/permissive “jellyfish” models hinder kids’ internal drive and adaptability. She proposes a powerful interpersonal model for raising the next generation: the intelligent, strong, joyful, and highly social “dolphin” approach.

By drawing on the latest neuroscience and behavioral research, Dr. Kang shows how the dolphin style encourages self-motivation and the key 21st century skills of CQ- Consciousness Quotient: communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and contribution.

Dr. Kang will leave audience with “prescriptions” to cultivate the essential skills needed for true success in our globally connected, fast paced, and ultra-competitive 21st century world.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to: 

  1. Recall the benefits and drawbacks of current parenting models

  2. Identify the science behind raising healthy, happy self-motivated kids: dolphin parenting  

  3. Apply practical lifestyle, communication & relationship tools for dolphin parenting