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Natasha Sharma

Founder of The Kindness Journal, The 8-Hour Therapist, and a former therapist. She is also a Canadian TV/Media Personality, and a recognized authority on relationships, parenting, emotional fitness and personal development.

Natasha is an award-winning clinic owner and writer, therapist, mother of two young boys, singer, pianist, and all around lover of the arts. She pursues a variety of entrepreneurial and educational endeavours. She is the founder and CEO of award-winning clinic NKS Therapy, creator of a best-selling self-care Journal The Kindness Journal published in 2016, and co-creator of the online self-help and mental health education program The 8-Hour Therapist. She is currently working on two publications: A book of short stories, and a clinician's guide to treating survivors of sibling abuse.

Natasha is a leading international authority on relationships, parenting, and emotional fitness. Her TEDx Talk “Why What We Feel Matters More Than What We Think”  has over a Quarter Million Views on YouTube.

As an expert media contributor, Natasha has been quoted in major publications like The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Elle Magazine. She was a member of the Parenting Panel on the acclaimed CBC Radio show “Here and Now” hosted by Gill Deacon, and appears regularly as an expert commentator on popular TV and  Radio shows such as Breakfast Television Toronto, Global News Toronto, The Morning Show, Your Morning, CP24 News, CBC News, CBC Radio, Cityline, and various podcasts. She is also a contributing writer to a number of lifestyle publications.

As a Speaker, Natasha has touched thousands of lives by weaving her expertise together with her own personal stories that help people connect to her words, and to the importance of taking control of their emotions in order to take control of the experience of their own lives.

Natasha has a Masters degree in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and a Doctorate in Psychology from California Southern University. She has been devoted to inspiring and helping others to master their own Emotional Fitness and live happier lives for over a decade.

*Please note that as a professional speaker, media expert, writer, and CEO of NKS Therapy, Natasha does not provide healthcare, medical examination, diagnosis, assessment, or psychological services.

What Do You Most Want For Your Children?

How to raise confident, self-loving children by being a confident, self-loving parent
Saturday March 26 | 12pm - 3:45pm EST

Most parents want their children to be happy, healthy, kind, and loving. Modern parenting, however, does not reflect the actual desire parents have for their kids. This workshop will focus on how as parents, we can help our children "achieve the things we want for them" through becoming the things we want for them ourselves. The goal is to teach our children how to parent themselves one day. That process starts with us first, as their parents today.


Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to: 

- Participants will learn how to control and regulate their own emotions, and mental wellbeing

- How to build independence in children and teach them the value of agency (i.e. that they can take charge of their own      lives, and can choose how to experience it).

- Learn to how manage the 3 most common feelings of emotional distress: Anxiety, depression, and anger

- Become more confident, achieve greater self-value, self-respect

- Learn to set boundaries and manage parental expectations

- Achieve a more balanced parenting lifestyle. Happy, healthy parents equals happy, healthy children